The State of N&W Signaling in 1908-1912

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Here is the Google Books link to an imposing piece of ICC bureaucracy published in 1912. It contains four years worth of investigation into what the railroads were doing in that period, written up by the ICC's Block Signal and Train Control Board. 

If this horse-choker link doesn't work, you can get the piece at Google Books by searching for >> first annual report train signal and control board << . 

In addition to a general description of how the N&W was signaling in 1908, there is a copious amount of information on what else was going on in the railroad world at that time: air brakes, freight car construction, track and roadbed, operating practices, etc etc etc. It also contains photographs of N&W signals in service, which is interesting in that automatic block signaling on the N&W had only begun in 1906. 

In going through the work, I wondered if anyone ever read it at the time of publication. The people who needed such information (the railroaders) already had it. Oh, well, at least it makes for an interesting historical glimpse into the past. 

Since the work is over 650 pages in length and the file is 30 megs, the best way to view it is to download the PDF and go from there, rather than scrolling through it page-by-page on the Google Books view. Fortunately this work was scanned using OCR [Optical Character Recognition,] so the text is selectable and you and copy-and-paste it into a word processing file. 

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