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I have attached a recent photo of a vader cage (not to be confused with a
'mater cage).  Note the ladder is to the left (as viewed from the rear) of
the mast.  There is locked shield to prevent unauthorized ascent, a
platform seemingly about 3 feet wide for each "arm",and a strap grid to
prevent falls.  So, it appears that a maintainer would unlock and set aside
the shield, climb the ladder to the level of the platform corresponding to
the "arm" needing service, then merely step to his right off of the ladder
and onto the platform all the while being safely surrounded by a steel
mesh.  Seems like the next safest thing to having a robot do the job for
I would still be very interested to hear from anyone who either actually
worked on an old US&S arrangement or had some second-hand knowledge about
how to mount those lower-level platforms.  My second attached photo shows a
3-arm semaphore.  Servicing procedure for this arrangement seems pretty
self-evident.  Since there are not platforms, you'd simply climb the ladder
to to the point you could access the mechanism that needed fixing and hand
on with one hand while you made the repair with the other.  I guess if the
job was tricky, you could tie yourself to the ladder or the mast and use
both hands.  Any insight would be appreciated.
Jim Cochran

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