Electric switch lantern? No. 2

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Not sure how to answer your question.

During the steam era the Armspear Oil switch light would be correct for 

For the Diesel era the Adlake would have been the N&W standard.

The question to be answered when did the N&W switch to electric switch 
stand lights?  How was the Gray Boston involved in the change?

On page 569 of the December 1959 issue of the N&W Magazine there is a 
photo of the first Virginian Coal train to arrive at Lamberts Point 
Yard.  At this time the Lamberts Point yard appears to have been 
converted to the Adlake electric switch stand lights.

I have searched for photos of Roanoke Yard and have found photos that 
date to 1960-61 with Adlake. No firm date found for the conversion.

As we all know the N&W liked to field test various models before a 
commitment with the big bucks.  In my opinion the Gray Boston was 
involved in their field test.  In any event they were used in later 
years on various branch lines like the Durham and Winston Salem line 
until the switch stand lights were no longer used.  The one I have from 
the Durham line had been converted with targets to reflect the engine 
light. I suspect most were converted to targets at some point. The Gray 
Boston I have from Roanoke coach yard came to me without the original lens.

I might add that the Virginian switch stand lights were converted after 
the merger. The Virginian switch stand light from the West End of South 
Yard for the spring switch had plastic lens.  The lens did not hold up 
with the burning flame and had to be replaces frequently until replaced 
with the electric Adlake.

I have checked the N&W Magazines and Annual reports for dates with no luck.

Jim Blackstock

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