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The maintenance access for N&W CPLs includes a narrow ladder attached to
the signal mast by platform and handrail assemblies.  For servicing the
upper (or in many cases only) arm hardware, the ladder rungs end at the
platform and the side rails diverge and join with a hand rail ring.  The
maintainer could enter the hand rail ring through the opening in the ladder
side rails and step onto the platform.  However, for signals with a lower
arm, access does not appear as straight forward.  There is a platform and
hand rail ring at the lower arm level, but the ladder is continuous so
there is no "hole" for him to step through to access the platform.  The
only guess that I have about how the maintainer would get to the lower
platform, is that he might climb to a position above the hand rail ring and
then maneuver himself around to the backside of the ladder, and then climb
down onto the platform.  This seems like it would be a little
tricky/dangerous and would require that the signal maintainer be a bit of a
gymnast.  Did any of y'all out there in list-land ever do this job or know
what the recommended procedures were?
Jim Cochran
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