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I knew all the joint Southern/N&W trains were dieselized 1-1-1958. I never
realized that all Bristol line freights were also dieselized on that same
date. Is there much documentation on that operational change for the

Thanks,  John Garner


I have never found the exact date of the last steam run on the Abingdon
Branch.  The Bristol line was dieselized on January 1st, 1958 with the last
steam run on December 31st.  The Abingdon Branch was done just before that. 
The two superheated M's, numbers 382 and 429 which were assigned for that
branch, were both retired in December 1957.  The 429 was dismantled at
Roanoke on 12-6-57 and the 382 soon followed on 12-20-57.

Bud Jeffries


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