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We wanting to know historians of today seem to never end to desiring the
"last" dates for many things like this. Often times, it was not known at
the time it was "THE last" for there might have always been "just one
more." Who knows? That said, from experience, many times, a local newspaper
gave some sort of coverage for such things, however, finding THAT newspaper
in THAT town or region not to mention the specific date to go searching
thru said newspaper.

There are a number of such events I would love to uncover and confirm. Even
sometimes, we have good, reliable such stories from the person or family.
However, ....... after a certain number of years and after the family's
death or moving from the region, these things had little meaning to the
children or grandchildren. Howmany times we hear stories of yard sales,
dumpsters, land-fill ----------- we know the routine.

The tales are endless, but every once in a while we get lucky.

Just ideas and wandering thoughts, from one who has chased some of these
stories and knows.

Bob Cohen

I've always wondered if 382's number plate was a retirement gift to
Joe. That would have been fitting. Still interested if anyone has the date
for the final steam run. Thanks.

John Garner

Joe McNew was the engineer up until about late 1956 or early 1957 - I don't
know the exact date. Nichols took the job until the end of steam. Don't
know the date of the last steam run.


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Ed,  Who was the engineer on 201/202 when you were at Bristol . . .
Joe McNew or Nichols? Does anybody have the exact date of the last steam
run on these trains?

Thanks,  John Garner
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