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According to "Norfolk and Western Railway Company Transportation  
Department, Consist of all Main Line Passenger Trains" dated March 15, 1954  
(available from NWHS Archives for a very modest cost), the following westbound  
trains had cars added or removed in Bluefield at least one day of the  week:
- No. 3 (Pocahontas) Bluefield to Columbus Postal Car added.
- No. 15 (Cavalier) Washington to Norton Storage Mail Car removed
- No. 23 (unnamed) Bluefield to Columbus and Bluefield to Cincinnati  
Storage Mail Cars added (doubtful this is the train in the video)
- No. 25 (Powhatan Arrow) Norfolk to Bluefield Coach removed (Sunday  only)
Unfortunately, the shots along the New River are not clear enough to see if 
 there was head-end equipment behind the J; if none, that would mean the 
Arrow  rather than one of the others.  Interestingly, when leaving Bluefield, 
for  just an instant there's a view of the end of a streamlined coach that's 
off to  the side.  That lends weight to the theory that it's the Arrow on a 
Sunday,  and that the coach in the view is the one removed.
I didn't attempt to analyze January shadow angles versus time of day for  
trains; I'll leave that to others!
Dave Phelps
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Okay its  on our website, and you should be able to access with the link 
provided below.   
We welcome any comments about the content as to location, trains, or  
whatever!  If you
wish to contact me directly here is my email.
_gregscholl at zoomtown.com_ (mailto:gregscholl at 

Here is the link for the video clip on youtube which is UNLISTED, but you  
should get there with the link.
Greg Scholl

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