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Here! Here! Sir

You said my thoughts!

Tom Cosgrove

On 3/22/2016 8:40 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> So far, I wouldn't call this a stellar week on what is usually a 
> friendly and useful list.
> A member is trying to tap into the vast knowledge that is collected in 
> this group, to ID some locations in a video he wants to maintain 
> control of. He thought sharing it via ubiquitous YouTube would be the 
> best way to reach members with a common platform. But negotiating the 
> pitfalls of access control didn't work. Instead of offering 
> suggestions on how to fix the problem or other sharing sites that 
> might work, he was yelled at multiple times, "It's private. What a 
> waste of time!" Wonder if he'll try again?
> Then we received a message from someone whose account was hacked and 
> used to send spam far and wide. It is good to question the validity of 
> a questionable link, but PLEASE don't include the link in the message. 
> All that does is continue to perpetuate it across the internet, as it 
> is shared across systems and subscribers and for some, take it out of 
> the context of the original spam message.
> In any case, if you aren't sure about a link, DON'T CLICK IT! If you 
> really want to confirm if it is legitimate, email the sender directly 
> and ask if the message is safe and correct. More often that not, when 
> there are multiple recipients along with this list, someone's account 
> was compromised and their entire list of contacts was added to the 
> spam message. Probably the best course is to just move along and let 
> the moderators purge the message.
> Have a great rest of the week.
> Bruce in Blacksburg
> Virginia Tech Webmaster
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Tom Cosgrove
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