N&W CW Tower at Columbus

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Fri Feb 26 09:21:02 EST 2016

There is an interesting website dedicated to the towers of the Columbus, Ohio, area, and three photographs of N&W's CW Tower are shown. 



The early 1950-ish, modern-style CW Tower depicted in the photographs very much resembles the modern-style tower at Randolph Street in Roanoke. They likely sprang from some common inspiration. 

So I ask, was there an earlier iteration of an interlocking tower at CW, and are there any extant photographs of it? 

Indeed, the whole subject of the history of N&W towers protecting junctions with other railroads just cries out for a good, in depth article. Mr. Bundy... you are volunteered. Light work for some idle weekend in your schedule. 

-- abram burnett 

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