Where Is It? Wednesday

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Mon Feb 22 08:24:51 EST 2016

Thank you to everyone who weighed in on this photo location.
Other possibilities mentioned at the last Archives work sessions
were Finney Hill on the Clinch Valley and the Prillaman area south
of Ferrum.

After reviewing the suggestions, I think the closest match is this spot
on the Winston-Salem District near Wright north of the Roanoke-Franklin
county line (not along US 220 but a couple miles north):


I haven't checked period track charts to confirm signal location yet, but
if this is it, the photographer would have been looking south from the hill
just north of the present-day intersection of county routes 614 and 615.
The road in the photo would be route 614 and the building in the center
of the photo would be the building labeled as "Boones Chapel".  

Reminder link to the photo in question:
> > http://nwhs.org/mailinglist/2016/20160217.NW08124.ZOOM.jpg

Joe Shaw

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