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> /There was an earlier period (mid- to late-1960s) when some of the 
> steel cabooses had been *_experimentally_* equipped with Propane gas 
> for heating and illumination, but that was a rather _*short-lived 
> experiment*_. The propane tank under these cabooses was considered 
> dangerous by those who worked on them. The lamps were extremely hot 
> and made the cabooses uncomfortably warm. To carburate the fuel, the 
> lamps used a clay-covered gauze hat-like "mantle" made in Canada, and 
> these things were notoriously fragile, were difficult to light and 
> were constantly breaking. /
> -- abram burnett

Abe, et al:
     It was not an experiment and it was not short-lived. Most, but not 
all, of the cabs were equipped with propane to power the lights, the 
heater and the "Hot-plates". When the electric lights and markers were 
installed, the heater and hot-plates were still powered by propane gas 
and stayed that way. If any of the cabs today are still heated, I am 
sure they are still heated with propane.
     From time to time there was an odd-ball cab, I had at least two, 
that would show up that still had a coal stove in it for heat.

Jimmy Lisle
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