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Yes. The exterior is done, save the landscaping. But we are just beginning the interior. We are accepting donation to restore the original restrooms, make a museum out of the waiting room, and make an event space/meeting room out of the freight room. The old scales have been donated  back and are being restored in the museum area. We plan to have interactive kiosks in the museum area where visitors can learn about a variety of historical elements including photography, railroading, commerce, post office, segregation and more. Interior restoration will be expensive, including insulation, wiring, HVAC. We welcome all support to make this a wonderful and educational place to visit.


The Rural Retreat name on the east and west ends will be put back in the original form by Mr. Ken Miller when the weather gets better. Thank you very much for your interest.

Frank Akers

Board member

Rural Retreat Depot Foundation


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Are they still in the process of restoring it?  I miss the large “RURAL RETREAT” sign on the depot, as in the famous Link picture.  


Cameron Talley



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Made a very worthwhile drive up to Rural Retreat this afternoon and am pleased to post this image of how the restored Depot looks. Mighty fine! Waited a little while and was able to have an eastbound (16T?) in the frame.


Mike Pierry, Jr.


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