Pullman question What do we really know???

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The Dinwiddie County is located at the Hallsboro Yard in western  
Chesterfield county. The Yard is the property of the Old Dominion Chapter of the  
NRHS   Alan Cox
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  The cars were painted in N&W colors 
> >> but  lettered PULLMAN on the letterboards. Dinwiddie County had a 
> >>  single vestibule and observation-lounge at its blunt end. Norfolk 
>  >> County had the same interior configuration, but with enclosed  
> >> vestibules at both ends.
Maybe you know, but just in case -- when Sou 4501 began making
steam trips, one of the first was from Richmond to Keyesville, VA
on Labor Day, 1966.  In the consist was Dinwiddie  County.  Don't
know if it still exists.  My impression was that it belonged to  the
Richmond Chapter of the National Railway Hysterical   Association.
                                           Harry  Bundy

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