Interior of Interlocking Towers

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Sat Dec 19 08:16:52 EST 2015

RMC (or was it MR) did a series on signals/interlocking tower signaling, 
try the MR magazine search or the crowd sourced magazine search (all 

AMD I think also sells throwbars for interors (or someone else), I plan 
an interior for a tower here.


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> Interior of Interlocking Towers
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> I would like to add a prototype interior to my AMB laser cut model of
> the Interlocking Tower at Forest, VA. Does anyone know of any
> available plans, drawings, or photos of the prototype. I did a search
> of the N&WHS archives and found nothing.
> Thanks! Merry Christmas to all.
> Kevin Byrd
> Chesterfield, VA
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