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The Pocahontas had a heavier eastbound consist than westbound.  The consist sheets show 15 cars between Williamson and Roanoke on Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sunday.  

Probably a year later than a 1954 consist, but following the January 23, 1956 derailment
of Train No. 3, P. C. Wingo, Superintendent issued the following summary (showing
derailed car numbers).

"At or about 12:51 A.M. to 12:53 A.M., January 23, 1956,
Train No. 3 Engine 611 with eleven cars, in charge of Radford Division train crew,
Conductor E. N. Camden, Head Brakeman T. L. Gray and Rear Brakeman
C. B. Cromer, Pocahontas Division engine crew Engineer W. B. Willard and
Fireman E. W. Hoback, moving west on westward track at Cedar, West Virginia 
overturned Engine 611, Mail  and Baggage car 123, Postal Car 94, and 
Passenger Coach 539.  Passenger coach 1729 was derailed at an angle to
the roadbed, Passenger Coach 1727 was upright and perpendicular to the
roadbed and Passenger Coach 1734 was upright but derailed."

Believe January 23, 1956 was a Monday. So No. 3 had two head end cars in an
11-car consist out of Roanoke.                                        Harry Bundy

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