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All sections except the last display the green signals.  When meeting 
opposing movements, all sections except the last had to do a whistle signal 
to let the opposing movement know there was a section following.  The 
opposing train had a whistle signal to acknowledge that of the section.


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What Ed is trying to say is that a helper engine running light or another 
fast train would be traveling behind our pictured train.  It's designated as 
second section of #5 and gets to use its spot in the time table rather than
have to run as an extra.  It would not be displaying any classification 
or flags.

It's a dispatcher trick to get another train across the railroad.  The 
section doesn't have to have a single passenger car in it.

I've got that right about the final section, don't I Ed.  Eastern railroads 
use train number boards like western railroads.

Rick C Stone
NWHS #0001

> On Sun, Sep 27, 2015 at 3:24 PM, John wrote:
> Harry, Thanks. This is Bluefield VA so probably not assigning a second
> > section to protect an crew from the Hours of Service Law. Any other 
> > second
> > section ideas? Ed mentioned helpers in a hurry to Finney. Seems like a
> > reasonable scenario.
> >
> I'm still a bit confused about this, but it could just be me. The answers
> sound reasonable, but I'm still unclear about this. Looking at the photo,
> there appears to be a passenger car behind the engine. I'm assuming that
> based on the location of the engine and the car, that this is a short
> passenger train. So to the original question -- why green flags?
> Bruce in soggy Blacksburg
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