Green Flags on Train 5

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Green flags signified a second section would be following. The second
section didn't have to be a passage train, it could be anything following
on No. 5's schedule. The reasoning of it being pushers makes good since, as
if would give then rights over anything of a class lower then No. 5, unlike
if they ran as an extra. This would in turn get them where they need to be
at a quicker pace.

Anyhoo I must say I enjoy these discussions, makes me wish in some ways
that railroading was still done the same, it would make it more fun in a
way. I mean hell I like track warrant territory sometimes better then CTC.
TWC keeps you more on your toes and more involved.

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> On Sun, Sep 27, 2015 at 3:24 PM, John wrote:
> Harry, Thanks. This is Bluefield VA so probably not assigning a second
>> section to protect an crew from the Hours of Service Law. Any other second
>> section ideas? Ed mentioned helpers in a hurry to Finney. Seems like a
>> reasonable scenario.
> I'm still a bit confused about this, but it could just be me. The answers
> sound reasonable, but I'm still unclear about this. Looking at the photo,
> there appears to be a passenger car behind the engine. I'm assuming that
> based on the location of the engine and the car, that this is a short
> passenger train. So to the original question -- why green flags?
> Bruce in soggy Blacksburg
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