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Reviewing N&W Pocahontas Div. Time Table #15
effective 4/29/51, which is probably a few years
before the photo of No. 5, I found that eastward, there
was No. 6, three 3rd class time freights (No. 86-No. 88
(except Sunday), and No. 84.  There was a 4th class
local freight Norton to Richlands (M-W-F).  West-
bound ?  There was only one train scheduled - No. 5.
Provided that a section following could closely mimic
No. 5's performance, there were benefits in advancing

The late Guy Kelly that served in engine service on the
CV told me that once the train picked up orders at "HQ"
(Bluefield, VA) orders were scanned for overdues, meets,
right overs, etc. because Furnace siding was only 8/10ths
of a mile away. Slow orders ?  They were put on the back

Ed King's "just the facts, mam" response to the Finney
pushers certainly makes sense.  The Y-5s and Y-6s
were good for 3600 tons Bluefield to St. Paul.  I had
considered maybe a 2nd section of 100 empty CRR
hoppers for St. Paul (2400 tons), but considering that
most CV passing sidings would barely chamber 100 cars,
and that eastbound tonnage trains would probably hold
the main track, it would be tough to squeeze No. 5 and
100 mtys into the same siding.                Harry Bundy


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