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Sun Sep 20 08:28:35 EDT 2015

Recently someone asked me about cars (of another road) which were
designated "Shaving(s) Cars" in the Equipment Register.

This made me think about the Shaffers Crossing planing mill. The planing
mill had a large metal retaining tank, perhaps 60 feet in the air, into
which I think the wood shavings from the planing work may have been blown.
It was located on the south side of the planing mill, adjacent to the Ice

Does anyone know how disposition was made of the shavings? Were they burned
on-site for steam generation, sold, or disposed of as trash?
Unfortunately, the planing mill was closed shortly before I hired, and I
never took time to explore it or ask questions.

Photo attached, with red arrow pointing to this tank.  Notice that the
tender of Engine 2112 sports an antenna for what appears to be inductive
train phone equipment.

-- abram burnett,
           turnip baron

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