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I met Bob Malinoski twice, in the early 1980s. He was a retired Conductor from either the Lackawanna or the Lehigh Valley, and I think he lived somewhere in New Jersey. He came to my office at Harrisburg one day an asked permission to go through the two storage baggage cars we used for old Train Dispatcher's sheets and other file items, as he was looking for the Train Sheet covering his first run as Conductor from New Jersey into Harrisburg. I gave him the keys to the cars and told him to have a good time... but to be careful of the hornets and mud-daubers which had built nests in them. Two days later he returned the keys, having been unsuccessful in his attempt to find the desired item. Years later I ran into him at some other event, which I cannot now recall. If Bob is still alive today, he is approaching 100 years of age. He was a kind and gracious person, and I recall being impressed with his immense knowledge of railroading. 

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