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The archives image shows the photographer as R. R. Malinoski. After some
googling found that the Morning Sun book "A Golden Decade of Trains" is a
book of color photography of Robert R. Malinoski or Bob Malinoski. I
managed to get a used copy from Amazon and there are many excellent color
photos from across the US. There are number of N&W shots. On page 100 is
another slightly different version of the J 604 at Ripplemead Virginia. An
extract of the caption reads:

"Train 15 was named THE CAVALIER but it severed as a maid-of-all-work from
Norfolk to Cincinnati. It passed flagged stop Ripplemead, VA with
1941-built 604 and 12 cars. 9:27AM May 4, 1958"

So John's time estimate was fairly close.

Its interesting that three versions of this image of turned up taken
moments apart. Either Mr Malinoski had others with him or took multiple

In this image more of the Ripplemead logo is visible on the station and the
main rod of the J is closer to top-dead-center than the other two versions.

- Roger Link


On Mon, Sep 14, 2015 at 12:58 PM, NW Mailing List <nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org>

> Ken,
> Thanks for the NWHS B&W photo link that dates the photo to 5-4-1958 (very
> near the end of Class J regular passenger service). It appears that the
> color version was taken a fraction of a second after the B&W version. Photo
> was taken from the old US 460 highway bridge crossing over the New River.
> It
> would appear that the photo was taken around 10:00 am Sunday morning based
> on the date and angle of the shadows. So he's running a little late this
> morning. From the exhaust it would appear that there's no flag stop at
> Ripplemead for Train 15 today. The color version shows that  the redbuds
> and
> cherries are in bloom. Spring is here.
> Here's the app/program that allows you to figure the time based on sun
> angles. Ripplemead is shown but you can search anywhere.
> http://suncalc.net/#/37.3335,-80.6786,16/1958.05.04/10:00
> John Garner
> Newport, VA
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> Indeed Ripplemead, westbound Cavalier.
> Ken Miller
> On Sep 14, 2015, at 8:34 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> > Can anyone ID this location?  Engine exhaust is obscuring the station
> name.  Grade crossing right beside station.
> > Thanks,
> > Jim Cochran
> >
> > Moderator:
> >  http://nwhs.org/mailinglist/2015/20150914.Ripplemead.jpg
> >
> >    Location is Ripplemead, VA. Similar B/W version in archives as:
> >      http://nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=11282
> >
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