"Takin' Twenty" with the Virginian Brethren by Skip Salmon

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Last night I had the pleasure of "Takin' Twenty" with five of the Brethren
and Friends of the Virginian Railway.  It was a lot quieter than last week
when our guest was Bob Cohen, who is probably not as rich as, but
certainally as entertaining, as "The Donald".  Joining us from Lafayette,
VA was Chip Oaks whose farm land borders the old VGN.  He told us that
there has been a lot of coal traffic in the last week going by his farm,
which is always a good sign.

 For Show and Tell I took Aubrey Wiley's "Virginian Railway Memories".
Raymond East and Landon Gregory were especially happy to see their photos
on pages 88 and 89.  Raymond is looking over a model  set of VGN
"Squareheads" and Landon is a brand new Dispatcher for the N&W in a photo
that I even didn't recognize him.  He really enjoyed page 195, Greg Elam's
"Virginian Station Telegraph Calls" showing all the call letters that
operators used to ID their locations along the line.  The book was well
received by the Brethren.

 The ebay report this time includes two VGN RWY items.  A VGN RWY shovel
went for $53.99 and a heart shaped lock that was advertised coming from the
Victoria area, only sold for $9...a big surprise.

 I told the Brethren about my oldest grandson's latest adventure in US Army
at Fort Hood Texas.  He recently went to a Japanese Restaurant for dinner,
in uniform.  Sitting nearby were two nicely dressed older ladies.  "Grandpa
you always told me to be polite to my elders".  One of the ladies asked
where I was stationed and I told her Fort Hood."  She identified herself
and her friend as the wives of the Commanding General and Command Sergeant
Major at the post.  As would most 21 year olds of the day, he took a
"selfie" with them.

 The Jewel from the Past is from October 23, 2008:  "We don't know why, but
'Cornbread' Victory revealed to us his middle name.  It is
'Nielson'...could he be connected with the famous TV rating company?  He
also said last week he visited his doctor with a running nose and aching
feet.  His doctor, after examining him, said 'Nielson, since your nose is
running and your feet smell, I think you were built up-side-down."

 Then there's this:  A man was riding on a crowded bus, standing room
only.  The bus stopped and an elderly lady got on carrying a large picnic
basket.  She stood right in front of the man and grabbed the overhead rail
so the picnic basket was above the man's head.  Being a gentleman, he
offered his seat to her.  She quickly declined as she was only going a
short distance.  Soon the picnic basket began to leak.  The man felt
something drop on top of his head.  As he looked up it hit beside his nose
and ran down across his lips.  He tasted it, looked up at the lady and
asked, "Pickles?"  She replied, "No, puppies..."

 Time to pull the pin on this one!

 Departing Now from V248,

 Skip Salmon

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