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Mon Sep 14 14:25:23 EDT 2015

I have spent a half hour comparing, under enlargement in Photoshop, the color Kodachrome image image presented by Mr. Cochran vs. the B&W image from the N&W Archives (image #NW 01071.) 

I paid specific attention to the edges of the smoke pattern with respect to structures and items of vegetation, the rods, and the position of the front edge of the engine with respect to the track components (especially the frog of the switch leading to the House Track.) 

Based on these observations, I believe the B&W image and the color image were taken with two different cameras, a split-second apart, with the B&W image being the earlier of the two by perhaps a few hundredths of a second. 

The final clincher, I think, is that the areas subtended in the two images is different, and this probably cannot be accounted for by cropping.

Retired people have the leisure of indulging in such investigations. Those of you who still have to work... Git back to work !!! :-) 

-- abram burnett 

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