Empty (tare) weight of 611's Auxiliary Tender?

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The empty weight is 143,650 lbs, loaded weight 355,850 lbs, from NWHS drawing DS01010.  It has a small negative impact on the available drawbar pull on the level, but a measurable negative impact on a grade.
Dave Stephenson

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 Could some kind soul please provide the empty (tare) weight of 611's current auxiliary tender? I need the information to complete the input data to calculate, using the modified Davis train resistance formula, how much the addition of the auxiliary tender impacts the drawbar horsepower measurements reported from the NS Research Car during the recent excursions.  Then, a valid comparison can be made with the N&W curve reproduced in Col. Jeffries' book, and the curve Classic Trains published (on-line) in conjunction with their special issue on 4-8-4s. Thanks in advance, Dave Phelps
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