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In addition to the C39-8's numbered 8550-8613, that were delivered to NS with NW sublettering, the C36-7 Ph. II's were delivered the same way. Their number series is 8531-8542. No EMD's were delivered with NS paint and NW sublettering.

The H49's and H50's were the only coal cars built new with NS leterring and NW reporting marks. NS has rebuilt several classes of H11R's and repainted them NS with NW reporting marks. Any other cars that have the NS logo and NW reporting marks are repaints.

Russ Goodwin
Buford, GA

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Hello, I've know of some equipment bought new after the 82 NS merger that featured NW reporting marks. The best examples of this I know of are the H49 and H50 hoppers and the GE C39-8s.  The C39-8s not only had NW marks, but another order had SOU and some had straight NS markings, I think.  Can someone please explain why some things bought after the merger still received NW and SOU markings, and what other equipment received NW markings?
Thanks, Evan Miller
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