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Your question prompted me to get out my copy of John Droege's "Freight Terminals and Trains". The book makes no comments requiring a given distance between ash and coal plants; in fact, there is at least one reference to a coaling plant that is " arranged that seven locomotives can take coal, sand and water and discharge ashes at one time..."  This suggests that ash dumping was done at the coaling plant, or in very close proximity. 

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio

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Here is a question for those more knowledgeable about steam service facilities than I:  I am working on the engine service area of the O Scale VGN (  Got myself one of the brass R&S ash put lifts made by Overland.  I failed however to plan for the center to center track distance between the track with the ash pit, and the track where the gondola sits under the ash dump.  So for that track to diverge an sufficient distance, it would put the ash pit close to or across from the coaling tower.  Is that OK, or did the dump for hot ashes have to be placed away from the coaling tower to avoid risk of starting fires?
thanks all
Michael Ross
Ft Worth, TX
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