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Fri Apr 10 09:17:01 EDT 2015

Jeff asked:
> How many trains use the line a day. I see the line goes down to Johnson City,
 NC although that might be another district. I have seen NS power in the yards 

8-12 trains a day use "Bristol Line", depending on the day or the week and
how many CNO&TP reroutes are running (anywhere from 0-4 per day in the last
six months, depending on traffic and work curfews out west).

As we've just discussed, the N&W Bristol Line aka N&W Pulaksi District aka
NS Pulaksi District extends from Walton, VA to Bristol, VA. To make things
even more confusing, the former Southern Railway line from Bristol VA/TN to
Knoxville, TN (which goes through Johnson City TN) is/was also called the
"Bristol Line". A 2009 NS Central Division track chart labels the line the
"Knoxville District - Bristol Line". I don't know whether that is an NS term
or if it predated the merger. I suspect like N&W's "Bristol Line" it has
been known by other terms over the years.

Joe Shaw
Christiansburg, VA

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