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Funny thing you mention the 'yellowbellies' I have never heard that term 
in relation to anything C&O before. the first ever time I heard the term 
'yellowbelly' was on the Orin line (Wyoming's Powder River Basin where 
this eastern guy trained, and works) where we were stuck following the 
'Yellow Brick Road' behind a Slooooow UP train, and my engineer kept 
saying 'I wish them Damned Yelllowbellies would quit dragging his feet'. 
So there you have it, yellowbelly or yellowbellies also refers to UP 


On 4/8/2015 13:07, NW Mailing List wrote:
> Now that said, we all know that sometimes local usage may vary.  And 
> may vary over time.  There are people here in Cleveland that still 
> refer to "The Big Four Line".  And there was an issue of Vintage Rails 
> that referred to the C&O's streamlined hudsons as "yellowbellies"--a 
> term that no one in the COHS including retired C&O employees ever 
> admitted to having heard before.
> Frank Bongiovanni
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