What is the line between Bristol and Radford called

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 The line from Radford to Bristol       is identified as the Pulaski District, but in     
older timetables, it was ID'ed as a Sub-division with a number.  I can't     
recall the number.     
Went home and reviewed Radford Division time tables from the 1960s
back to 1922, but found that the East Radford-Bristol section was never
identified on the schedule page as a sub-division.  So apparently it
was Henry Nase, Manager of Operating Rules, that came up with a
method of identifying districts by name, i.e. the Pulaski District.

Another item of interest regarding the waning days of the Bristol
line when it was still N&W -- authority had been received to
discontinue Traffic Control Radford to Bristol.  Volume of traffic
had been reduced to the level that the expense of maintaining
the signals wasn't warranted.  But the Traffic Control system remained
in place until the merger.  Apparently somebody knew something was
in the works.                            Harry Bundy

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