Railroads in natural resource buffer zones

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To the list: we recently returned from a visit to Costa Rica and were stunned by the abandonment of the fairly extensive rail lines in CR.  Abandoned lines in places like Turrialba and over the Pacure River.  Loss of intra-country rail service (we were told) was due to an earthquake in 1991 and financial crisis in the late '90's which prevented rebuilding.  Also mentioned was the desire of the president to stifle competition to his own fortune built on ownership of a steamship line.  I'll forward some photos of this lovely country and let you judge for yourselves.  It does seem like their now is an effort to rebuild some lines, although primarily limited to commuter rail in the larger cities like San Jose.

Ed Svitil



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I am undertaking research on railroads and their social and economic impact in natural resource buffer zones (zones with or near considerable natural resources) focusing on the central Appalachian mining areas of West Virginia.   And also trying to determine if there is a museum or documentation center which would want to receive my already very considerable book and document collection on this subject, when I finish my own intended publications.   I also have considerable material for a comparative study of the Costa Rican-Panamanian border area and am identifying a possible third comparative region in Chile.  I will be Amtraking from Miami to New England in March, and would like to visit the museums and documentation collections which have the most information on this subject and/or might be most interested in receiving my collection, and will greatly appreciate suggestions or recommendations in this regard.After working in 39 countries for the United Nations, teaching in 22 universities and residing several decades in Costa Rica, much of my work in transport, I have become quite concerned about the dominant paradigms of the international organizations regarding investments in transport infrastructure and services, and wish to make a critical analysis of the historical impact of this public and private investment.Warren Crowtherwarren13 at racsa.co.crCosta Rica
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