Quiz #7

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Mon Jan 12 10:47:31 EST 2015

Jim Cochran wrote:
> A few more locations I'd like your help identifying:
> p24:  Flat top yard?
>  http://nwhs.org/mailinglist/2015/20150112.p24.jpg

Auville Yard.

> p26:  Which tunnel?  is this near Capels?
>  http://nwhs.org/mailinglist/2015/20150112.p26.jpg

I think it may be the west end of Roderfield tunnel, not 100%.

> p27:  ?
>  http://nwhs.org/mailinglist/2015/20150112.p27.jpg

This is at the west end of the twin Huger tunnels (just off image on
the right).

Joe Shaw
Christiansburg, VA

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