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Probably Mr. Nichols is correct -- it was a typo.
On the other hand, if indeed it was a conveyor
car, keep this in mind.  In the Virginian way of
doing things, Sewalls Point, Victoria, and 
Roanoke could take care of the "small things"
dealing with locomotive maintenance, but for
overhauls, modifications, major Federal inspections,
and ----WRECK DAMAGE, steam locomotives (even
the BAs and AGs assigned to the Norfolk Division)
went to Princeton and the electrics went to
Mullens (Elmore),  Consider this -- if a federal
inspector finds a unit in service, but the inspection
date has expired, today the fine is $1,000/day for
each day beyond the due date.  Maybe there were
savings if  Elmore made the inspection instead of
Sewalls Point.              Harry Bundy
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