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What I would like to know about the 1206 is how in the heck she got to the 1939 World's Fair. 

That Fair was held at the Flushing Meadows Park, which is in Queens, on the lower end of Long Island. How do you get an engine that big across the Hudson River and through New York City...? 

My initial surmise was that she went up to Albany and then came down the NYC's Hudson Division (east shore of the Hudson River,) through Spuyten Duyvil and through NY City to Long Island. But clearances are probably too tight on the Hudson Division for the 1206 to have moved that way. 

I've consulted with some retired railroad officials in the NY City area and they suggest the move was probably as follows: 

PRR to either Greenville Yard or Harsimus Cove Yard (both on the west bank of the Hudson River in Jersey City.) Thence by float trans-Hudson to either Bay Ridge or Long Island City, on the east side of the Hudson. Thence handled by Long Island RR to Flushing Meadows Park. This route would have meant the N&W gave the engine to the PRR at Hagerstown. One crew district Hagerstown to Harrisburg, and one crew district Harrisburg to either Greenville or Harsimus Cove. It would be great if some day a photograph turns up depicting the 1206 being barged across the Hudson River. 

Whatever route she took, I'll bet the MW guys were out for weeks ahead with tapes and measuring sticks, and maybe even transits. And on the day of the move, I'll bet there were coolies out with oil cans, greasing the rails on the curves ! 

Of course, the PRR also had its big S-1 6-4-4-6 at the same Fair, so the 1206 wasn't the only one causing consternation and giving migranes. 

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