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AFAIK, there are three images of PRR T1 5511 on N&W - two in Roanoke at or near Jefferson St. and one in Christiansburg.
Dave Stephenson

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I was not degrading your image. If you watch ebay, you will see, over time, many shots of 1206 at the Fair. Of course, "thousands" is simply a way to convey that I've seen many of them. They may seem to come and go in spurts on ebay, but It had a prominent position and was well lit, and was a common subject for a lot of folks. In addition, it was a real "foreign" engine to the NY area railfans, so lots of railfans shot it there. It was even depicted on the N&W Magazine and perhaps a fair brochure at some time when the fair opened.

I think I bought a negative at some point of it at the Fair, but have turned down many of them over time simply because of their overall same view.

Now, what I'd like to see is a photo of them towing over the Shenandoah Division as well, think that is out there? Might exist, but certainly never seen it. It is like photos of the N&W testing the Pennsy T-1, only ever seen two views of that.


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> Rick,
> Thanks for sharing those images of 1206 enroute. It's rare we get to see that sort of movement.
> Ken,
> While there may be "thousands" of that snapshot, they cease to exist online. Someone took the image and it has obviously changed hands a few times, but this is the first time (to my knowledge) it has seen the light of day so to speak. 
> Obviously the down side to sharing images online is once they are out there, they are hard to get back. 
> Jeff
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