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The "approach diverging" indication means to be prepared to take a diverging route beyond the next signal at the authorized speed. "Approach" simply means to be prepared to stop at the next signal. Of course any speed restrictions apply that are required by the rules. There was no such signal as "approach restricting" on the N&W. To proceed at restricted speed you must either have a signal displaying "restricting", or the dispatcher can give you permission to pass a "stop"signal, after you have stopped, "according to the rules" which, by definition, means at "restricted speed". I don't know of any signal that says "be prepared to pass the next signal at restricted speed".

Jeff Sanders

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Did the N&W signaling system ever include the "Approach Diverging" aspect ( / over \ )?
If so, how was it used?  How was it different than plain ole Approach?  Ostensibly, rather that approaching the next signal prepared to stop you could approach the next signal prepared to proceed at restricting speed, but what difference would this make?  In both cases, it appears that the only requirement was to immediately slow your train to medium speed or below.
Jim Cochran
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