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The Approach Restricting indication was used at Renick when a westbound train was lined into the B&O interchange tracks on a restricting indication.  However, it was soon dropped since it allowed a train to pass a restricting indication at a higher speed than normal when there might have been an obstruction of some kind just beyond the switch.  It was thought better to just allow the train to move on an approach indication and then the restricting at the switch.  Correctly, in my humble opinion.


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Did the N&W signaling system ever include the "Approach Diverging" aspect ( / over \ )? 
If so, how was it used?  How was it different than plain ole Approach?  Ostensibly, rather that approaching the next signal prepared to stop you could approach the next signal prepared to proceed at restricting speed, but what difference would this make?  In both cases, it appears that the only requirement was to immediately slow your train to medium speed or below.
Jim Cochran

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