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I am certain that the Lexington (VA) Branch of the C&O was always manual
block signal with timetable authority as well as telegraph being part of
the equation. The C&O HS has copies of the early timetables with the
specific rules but that's what they did.

On the trackage rights segment between their line and where they exited the
N&W's Shenandoah Valley line, similar rules no doubt would have governed
along with written train orders, form 19's, 31's or whatever the specific
situation was at the time. Since C&O was on a trackage rights deal, they
would have been of lower priority to far busier SV/N&W trains.

The C&O didn't get rid of their separate line between Buena Vista and Loch
Laird until sometime in 1903, all that a throwback to their line having
come thru the region a year or two before the Shenandoah Valley line which
came thru late 1881/early 1882.

By 1903, the true need for a separate line about 8 miles in length was
deemed superfluous (sic) and no longer necessary because the business on
the line wasn't that much

Between the East Lexington wye and Lexington was another matter and wholly
between the B&O's Valley Railroad of Virginia and C&O. They had a separate
timetable which usurped the public and all other timetables for authority
and regulations, from what I have been able to gather.

I don't know when the telegraph came on the R&A/C&O Lexington Branch, but
have read the B&O end south from Staunton was built very shortly after the
line opened in late 1883.

Bob Cohen

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> What signaling rules were used on the Joint N&W and C&O line up to Buena
> Vista early on circa 1904 (?) and soon after?? There after on the
> C&O?Lexington Branch to East Lexington there were timed schedules I believe.
> ?
> Al Kresse
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