Early signaling on the N&W

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On Fri, Oct 24, 2014 at 9:59 AM, Jim wrote:

> Since the N&W also used signal that could only display two aspects, it is
> stated that the “permissive aspect” was achieved for these signals by a flag
> (daytime) or a lantern (at night).  Was the flag/lantern placed on the
> signal mast?   Was the flag/lantern colored green?  Other articles in these
> magazines indicate that there was an effort to push the adoption of green
> for clear and yellow for caution as well as to move to three-position, upper
> quadrant signals, but I don’t know when the N&W may have made these changes.

Not all the answers, but some additional insight can be found in "When
Signals Were New" from the Norfolk & Western Magazine, Volume 10, No.
2, February, 1932, pp. 72-75. The article recounts the early days of
signaling and the establishment of the Signal Department in 1900.
(There is also info about the move into the Huff Mill Building,
recently discussed here.).

See http://www.brucebharper.info/nwrwy/signals.html

Bruce in Blacksburg

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