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Hi List,


                I agree what Jeff Wood wrote the other day about the society
being centered on the coal fields of Virginia and W.Va.  Little is said
about the rest of the company post 1964.  The only place it seems to me to
have any discussion in on the modeling list.  At least Kevin the editor
tries to have some content on other regions and I applaud him for that.  If
you (BOD) really want to grow the membership; I really think you need to
look out beyond the coalfields.  When was the last time an article was
written on the post-merger era of the NKP, WAB, P&WV or my favorite the
Illinois Terminal?  I can't speak for them but I bet those historical
societies probably ignore the post-merger era too. 


                I hope to be able to attend next year's convention in
Marion, OH.  I haven't been to a convention since Huntington, W.Va. in 2000.


My 2 cents worth, John Hecker

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