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The ICC Valuation for West Virginia starts at Flat Top Yard on the Tazewell
County/Mercer County Border with Bridge No. 844. There is a separate ICC
Valuation for the portion of the railroad in Virginia between Bluefield, VA
to the border in Flat Top yard. I think there is a separate ICC Valuation
for Bluefield Yard that may go all the way back to the East River crossing.


Bridge Numbers went into place around 1892. The original main line would
have crossed the Tug Fork at Welch on the passenger line bridge and stayed
on the south side of the Tug Fork until the track was realigned and double
tracked beginning around 1903-1905. The Welch tunnel was bored around 1910
resulting in a second bridge at Welch (No. 893-A). According to 1950 track
chart (1956 Revision) This Bridge No. 893-A  is 26 ft by 306 ft. The only
nomenclature for the first Tug Fork Bridge on the track chart is TF Bridge.
The referenced track chart only shows one Bridge as No. 893-A.


The realignment/double tracking resulted in a number of new bridges between
Welch and Wilmore (and probably further) which you can tell by all of the
bridges with the suffixes A, B, C, etc attached to the bridge number.


My assumption is since Bridge No. 891 was between Superior and Maitland,
Bridge No. 892 was replaced by a 12 by 14 box culvert that would leave the
first bridge across the Tug Fork as Bridge No. 893. I think we can prove or
disprove that assumption by looking at the 1916 ICC Valuation tables.


Harry, if you want to check for actual bridge numbers before the next
archives session it should be in  ICC Valuation 13WVA or 13WV Structures
Main Line. 




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Image 5290 is located in downtown Petersburg, VA and carries the N&W old
main over Lieutenant's Run. 


Bridge 28, a 32 foot trestle.

As far as Welch goes, there are two Bridge 893-As shown. One
is a 26' X 30' girder, one is for WV route #8.  Remember, as
originally numbered, the bridges went from #1 1 to Br. #355
over Rte. 645 at Bristol.     Harry Bundy

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