Directions on the Tug Fork Branch

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    I think you will find in the timetables that NORTHBOUND/Eastbound    trains were even numbers while SOUTHBOUND/Westbound trains were odd    numbers. 

I looked into a 1913 Pocahontas Div. timetable for a mixed train Clinchfield
Railroad operated over N&W Boody to Kiser (now Carbo) on the Clinch
Valley District.   Complying with N&W rules, the train eastbound to Kiser
had an even number and from Kiser to Boody, it had an odd number.  

But on the Clinchfield, the odd numbered trains were northbound and
the even numbered trains were southbound.  Clinchfield is now CSX
and through an agreement, NS trains operate St. Paul to a point near
Kingsport on former Clinchfield track.  Don't know if CSX has amended
the train numbering system.               Harry Bundy

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