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Thanks for the correction. You are absolutely right. Per memory someone in N&W management years ago (30 or 40) discussed with me that all moves were part of an overall eastbound or westbound flow but even if that were true the fact remains that N&W trackage in ETT's shows as being eastbound-westbound and northbound-southbound.  I should have pulled ETTs' and verified things before I made such an invalid statement......... In looking at ETT's for all the divisions post-1964 including former NKP and WAB Divisions the vast majority of trackage is eastbound-westbound but northbound-southbound segments existed on all the Divisions.   The Shenandoah Division as you stated is northbound-southbound and the only division that appears to have the majority of its trackage listed as such.  I obviously didn't have my brain engaged this morning.  The Buchanan Branch info is was properly verified and validated with ETT's when written.  Have a wonderful day!  

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> "Relative to the most recent discussions all moves on the N&W were either eastbound or westbound, no northbound or southbound."
> Well, knock me down and call me Shorty! And for forty years I thought that I was going north to Shenandoah and south to Roanoke, south to Winston-Salem and back north to Roanoke!
> Who told you that?
> I think you will find in the timetables that NORTHBOUND/Eastbound trains were even numbers while SOUTHBOUND/Westbound trains were odd numbers. Also, signals were numbered the same way. When engineers blew in the flagman, when blowing in from the north or east - 5 longs, when blowing in from the south or west - 4 longs.
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