"Takin' Twenty" with the Virginian Brethren by Skip Salmon

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Last night, on the first Wednesday this Fall, I had the pleasure of "Takin'
Twenty" with six of the Brethren and Friends of the Virginian Railway.  I
wore the "blaze green" shirt we issued at our Salmon Family Fallout
"Charlie" last Saturday at my oldest son Scott's farm in Franklin County.
Also I took a group shot of the 16 family and friends who took part.  Scott
described the event as a happening where the Duck Dynasty guys met Survival
Man at Top Shot.  We shot everything from a .22 M-7 Henry Survival rifle to
a .50 Barrett.  After eight events, the two leaders, who had won two events
each, had a shoot-off with the Barrett and both put a bullet in the same
hole at 300 yards.  We declared co-winners.  I also took a group photo to
show the Brethren the group with our Deer John (former port-a-john that my
brother Mike converted into a deer stand.  As for the railroad part of the
event, one included a bell off a diesel locomotive.  We shot at it with an
original Winchester 1878 .25/20 at 50 yards.  Everyone shot three times and
all who hit it three times shot again at 75 yards.  We continued until we
got to 125 yards to get a winner.  The Brethren enjoyed the stories.

 I passed on to the Brethren that we have now a contractor to finish the
Virginian Station restoration in Roanoke, pending proper approval.  I will
keep you posted on the progress.

 The Jewel from the Past, like those in a 21 jewel  Elgin Railroad Wrist
Chronometer is from February 7, 2008:  "As a few of the Brethren 'trickled
in' last night I told this tale about Cornbread.  Seems he had a little
accident and ran over his neighbors cat, cutting off its tail.  He
immediately picked up the cat and tail and headed for WalMart.  He had
always heard that WalMart was the world's largest and best retailer".

 There was some discussion last night about the vote taken at a meeting of
the leaders of the National Railway Historical Society last Saturday, about
a new proposed change in the organization.  The newly elected president
used by-laws to declare his victory and took charge of the meeting and
voting.  The proposed changes were voted down, so the organization stays in
tact.  We are awaiting further instructions as to how current membership
will be effected.

 Gordon Hamilton and Landon Gregory are both rail road approved watch
enthusiasts.  Last night both brought watches for us to see.  Since the
railroads were instrumental in developing the standard time zones in our
nation and since the trains were run on time (mostly) railroad watches
played a key part in our own beloved Virginian Railway line.

 Gordon also showed us a list of funny signs that we may see at various
places of business.  For example, a sign over a Maternity Room door may
say: "PUSH, PUSH, PUSH"; one in a Veterinarian's waiting room may say "BE
BACK IN 5 MINUTES.  SIT! STAY!  Gordon said this one was for our good
Friend of the Virginian Railway and faithful member of the Takin' Twenty
group, Dr. Gibson Davis, who is a retired Gynecologist:  "DR DAVIS, AT YOUR
CERVIX."   The favorite of mine was one at a muffler shop:  "NO APPOINTMENT

 Then there's this:  An elderly gentleman was talking to another man when
he was asked how he got the name "Montgomery Ward" Biggly.  He explained
that his family lived in a very rural county and when his mother was about
to deliver, the local doctor was called.  It just so happened there was
another baby about to be born nearby, so he was in a very big hurry.
"After I was born, the doctor told my Dad to write a name on the birth
certificate quickly, because he had another patient in trouble.  My Dad
looked up and saw a calendar on the wall for Montgomery Ward and named me
Montgomery Ward Biggly..  I am fortunate though, because if he had gone out
in the hall first, we had a calendar there for Piggly Wiggly.....

 Time to pull the pin on this one!

 Departing Now, from V248,

 Skip Salmon


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