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Mon Sep 22 10:56:14 EDT 2014

Google maps seems to show some of the pre-1950 realignment main track still
in place near Ennis, WV.  Has anyone explored the area enough to know if
this is correct?  If so, how accessible is it?  Approaching from the West
it looks like Elkhorn station road ends just about as you would get to the
place where the old tracks end.  Coming from the East, there appears to be
a road that turns off to the right of US 52 just after you pass Switchback
school.  Following this road, I can't tell for sure, but it looks like you
might come to a mining operation then cross the tracks to a "T" with a road
on the North side that goes right to some houses and then left for a ways.
Any information/pictures will be greatly appreciated.
Jim Cochran
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