Y5 2106

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My Prince book indicates July 1959, possibly retirement date might not 
be scrap date and the railroad later scrapped it themselves, 2105, 2107 
show being sold to scrap dealers, but 2106 does not show being sold for 
scrap to a dealer.

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> I have the headlight from Y5 2106 and wonder if anyone can provide it's
> retirement date and the name of the scrapper (in Cincinnati) who bought it.
> I know it was either D J Joseph Co. or Moscowitz Scrap Metals but don't know
> which one actually got it. It believe it was scrapped circa 1969-60. The two
> scrappers were adjacent to each other along the Ohio River west of
> Cincinnati beside the B&O and Big Four tracks. Also, if anyone has photos of
> this engine and can provide prints, I would be interested in purchasing
> some.
> Thanks,
> Jim Herron

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