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Archives photos NW07885 thru NW07888 show four photos of a K2 tender photographed by Bruce Meyer, Roanoke 03/27/1959.  This tender has a brakeman's doghouse.  The only K2's I know of to have had a tender doghouse were 125 and 126 photographed many times over the years on the Norfolk Division.
I would speculate that the K2 in NW01808 could be one of these two locomotives.

--Rick Morrison
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  Pat Ryan has called my attention to a photo in the archives under locator number NW01808 Which shows a streamlined K2 or K2a with an all black tender. Examining the photo I note that the main rods have been removed, no locomotive number is visible, and the tender is either a 16 or an 18A. There are two K1's behind it. All this leads me to the opinion that these engines are in a scrap line, and for some reason the K2 has had her 22 class tender swapped before scrapping. In order to move her in a train, she had to have a tender, and this one was available. What is not clear is what became of her 22 class tender. This late in steam, there were still Y's and A's in service which could use a 22 class tender; but what became of the original tender of the recipient? Could this be a direct swap with a Y3a? Makes you wonder! Anyway, I don't think the streamlined K2 was paired with this tender while in service.

  Jim Nichols


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