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I researched this a few years back. The largest percentage I could find for PRR holdings at any given time was about 33%. This is insufficient to control a corporation, but it is sufficient to influence a corporation.

Of course if someone can show me PRR holding more than 50% of N&W stock, I will happily be corrected.

Mark Peele

N&W in N scale
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On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 7:30 AM, Ed wrote:

> Most of the shares were sold as a condition of N&W’s 1964 merger and PRR’s
> upcoming merger with NYC.  There was a drawdown of the remaining shares and
> divestiture was not complete until 1972.
> I don’t know any web references.  My information came from the N&W Annual
> Reports, available from the Society.

Wasn't there an article in Trains a few years ago about Stuart
Saunders, the rapid steam-to-diesel conversion, and stock prices for
both the N&W and PRR? I seem to remember it was written by one of the
decent authors, William Middleton or H. Roger Grant, and was well
researched to support the conjecture.

Bruce in Blacksburg

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