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According to www.altoonaworks.info/ocs.html 493 is now NS 18 Gen. William Mahone. It is listed as a diner/lounge and is undergoing a rebuild and will be renamed. 494 is now NS 19 Kentucky as you mentioned. The site also mentions diner 450 that is now NS 12 Indiana and is classed as a sleeper. Has the same build dates and 493 and 494.

Howard Adkins

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> 491 & 492 were always assigned to the Arrow. 493 & 494 were always assigned to the Pocahontas. On rare occasion, when one of them was being shopped, a car might temporarily run on the other train and a DE diner would take its regular place, but this was only temporary. After the Arrow was discontinued, any of the four cars could show up on the Pocahontas. There is a picture of the 491 in blue on page 6 of my "Color Guide". There is also a 1975 picture of 494 in red (which became standard again in 1971 for cars they retained), but I cannot document it's ever being blue. However, I assume that it had been blue in the late 60's and early 70's, and was repainted back to red by 1975. The 491 was rebuilt into a dormitory car and renumbered 450. 492 has been sold into private ownership. 493 was sold and bought back after the Norfolk Southern merger. For a time (while 493 was gone) 494 was given 493's original name: General William Mahone (instead of Frederick

> J. Kimball, which was its original name), but I think this was later corrected. At any rate, it now has a different name and number. 

Jim Nichols 

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Hello friends!  I've been researching the N&W's streamlined fleet and I've got a few questions about the D1's.

1.  Where 491 and 492 always assigned to the Arrow?  And when it was discontinued what happened to them?
2.  I presume 493 and 494 were used on the Pocahontas, so could they always be found on it?
3.  Did all of the D1's get repainted into blue, especially 494?
4.  I've seen a photo in the Archives of 493 in blue, so does anyone have any pics of the others in blue they could share?  I'm especially interested in any of the 494.

I'm pretty partial to the 494 as she's the modern NS 19 Kentucky, and Kentucky's my beloved home state.

Thanks so much for any help!
-Evan Miller
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