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Mon Apr 21 20:47:11 EDT 2014

Hello friends!  I've been researching the N&W's streamlined fleet and I've got a few questions about the D1's.

1.  Where 491 and 492 always assigned to the Arrow?  And when it was discontinued what happened to them?
2.  I presume 493 and 494 were used on the Pocahontas, so could they always be found on it?
3.  Did all of the D1's get repainted into blue, especially 494?
4.  I've seen a photo in the Archives of 493 in blue, so does anyone have any pics of the others in blue they could share?  I'm especially interested in any of the 494.

I'm pretty partial to the 494 as she's the modern NS 19 Kentucky, and Kentucky's my beloved home state.

Thanks so much for any help!
-Evan Miller
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