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I have the inspect light from EASTWOOD on the Peavine. It was a two-light
jobbie with red and green lights.

Gary in Cincinnati

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There was an inspect train signal at Kilby,

west of Suffolk for westbounds. It was a

one light signal lettered "Inspect Train".

Provided no defects were detected, the signal

would remain "dark". But if a defect occurred,

the operator or dispatcher would flip the light

on. So what happened if there was a defect

and the bulb had burned out ? Probably

Henry Nase made revisions when he became

Manager of Rules.

There was also a detector at Dwight. In those

days, detectors transmitted sound on the dis-

patcher's line as a train passed. Bear in mind

that after the agent/operators at Windsor, Wake-

field, Waverly went home, the dispatcher at Crewe

didn't get an "OS" in the 45 miles (or so) between

the end of TC at Disputanta, and the distant signal

for the ACL/VGN/NF&D crossing at Suffolk. Ah,

but the detector at Dwight became a "dummy

operator" 24/7.

Harry Bundy

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